TriadCity Message of the Day

The City's first Comedy club is open for your patronage, and with it, the Comedian Role is available.

The club is "the hungry i", located appropriately enough on Lenny Bruce Street just west of the Park NW. There's no cover. Come on in around the Third Hour of Darkness and take a seat at an audience table. The i's resident Comedian, Aristophanes, performs nightly promptly at Fourth Hour of Darkness.

The Comedian Role is like a cross between Reporter and CodeWarrior. Comedians don't (yet) perform themselves. Instead, they write comedy routines which are performed by NPCs such as Aristophanes. The routines are in an XML-based script format which is easy to learn. Comedians are spiffed automatically when audience members react to their jokes by laughing, giggling, smiling, guffawing, and so on. (It's not a big spiff!)

Also like CodeWarrior, there's no Role Master for Comedian. If you're interested, talk to Poobah.

In the not-too-distant future there'll be comedy clubs in the NorthEastern and Southern Thirds as well. Featuring rather different comedic content than Aristophanes'.

Yuck it up! :-)

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