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Command aliasing has been implemented for your type-saving pleasure.

An alias is a shortcut for a single command and, optionally, its arguments. Here's an example. Without an alias you Cartographers would type cartographerspiff to query your pooled rewards. Instead of that fingerbuster you could define for yourself a simple alias called cs. The shorter alias would take the place of the hard-to-type "canonical" command.

Use the Alias command to define whatever aliases you like. The example above would be defined with "alias cs cartographerspiff". You can define as many aliases as you like, and they're saved for you between logins.

Aliases can also take the place of commands that include arguments. Instead of look north you might prefer ln.

Aliases are shared by all your characters. You can't define an alias that would mask a canonical command or another reserved word. You can modify an existing alias by simply using Alias a second time. To view your defined aliases click on the new Aliases tab in the client applet. To delete one, simply double-click it.

Your alias definitions are saved on the server, and sent to you at login. If you've defined a million of 'em and you connect via dial-in, you might notice some short lag while your definitions are received. If you connect via broadband you'll probably not notice any difference.

Note than an alias is not a macro. You can't use an alias to string together multiple commands into a single shortcut. For example, if you were to try alias lookall look up look down look north look east look south look west, the outcome of using your lookall alias would be the predictable "if only there were an 'up look down look north look east look south look west' here to see..." Alias are processed by the server just as commands are: the first word is the command, everything else is its arguments.

Happy typing!

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