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Interested in becoming a BotMaster?

We're looking for someone to take charge of the Help Bot, adding new knowledge to its database and generally making it more responsive.

Help's chatter engine uses the super-simple AIML language to match incoming questions with a pre-existing database of responses. When a match is found, the linked response is returned to the user. While syntactically very easy, AIML can be complex in practice because you can accidentally create multiple possible matches. Part of your BotMaster responsibility would be to keep the AIML organized and as simple as possible. There's no programming required, just AIML.

Like Builder, Cartographer and Reporter, we'll make BotMaster a real Role, so that you can receive exp and Dinars for the work you do. We're thinking that you'd receive a spiff every time Help is able to correctly answer someone's question, giving you an incentive to read the logs and add answers to all the questions it fails.

Note that if you're a university student, we'll be happy to work with your college's internship office to help you receive course credit for this work.

If this interests you, please write Be forewarned that it's fun, but it's a real lot of work!

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