TriadCity Message of the Day

Graffiti are a simple way in which TriadCity participants can contribute to the growth of the City.

Unlike outworld cultures which discourage citizens' casual input into community decor, TriadCity values yours. The graffiti you contribute may indeed become part of the City's permanent face. If so you'll be rewarded in Dinars for your contribution.

Naturally there are limits. Graffiti can be written only on designated surfaces specifically set aside for them. It may be likely that certain parts of town are more interested in your contributions. And not all characters' input may be equally valued.

There are no special commands for reading or writing graffiti. When you find a graffiti surface, simply Look at it. A new window opens displaying the messages written on that surface. If the character is welcome to contribute new messages, that same window will display an interface which makes it possible.

Not all graffiti are created equal. The ones most valued by the community as a whole will become permanent components of the Cityscape. Those deemed unworthy will be permanently eliminated. All players are allowed to vote once per graffito. If it accumulates enough positive or negative votes, it'll either become permanent or be removed. To vote, simply click the Keep or Junk buttons to the right of each message. Note that you can't cast a vote for graffiti which you yourself have written.

Characters are allowed a certain number of open graffiti at any moment, where "open" means neither rejected nor made permanent. Each character can have one open graffito per level; e.g., a level 10 character can have ten open graffiti at any one time. This total means the sum total of all open graffiti anywhere in the City contributed by that particular character.

There's no limit to the number of graffiti which can become permanent. The more successful you are at crafting messages which interest TriadCity's participants, the more you'll be rewarded -- and the more you'll leave your permanent mark on the City itself. The standard reward is 100 Dinars per graffito. That's a nice income if you have worthwhile things to say.

A note on voting. You should cast your votes based not only on your opinion of the quality of a particular graffito, but also on its appropriateness. Does it belong where it is? It may be brilliant, but if it's in the wrong place you should reject it. When in doubt, start a discussion in the General Forum.

Go to town! :-)

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