TriadCity Message of the Day

You can now buy Reward Points from the Web site. Which can then be exchanged for Dinars, or specialized in-game stuffs. ("Woo-hoo!", say the indigent.)

We hope this'll be a handy feature for those who want some of the more expensive player houses (upcoming), or the really expensive gear. Or for the generally impatient, LOL.

Payment is via PayPal, who handle the credit card transactions on our behalf. If you don't already have one, PayPal accounts are easy to set up. You'll be prompted to make a new one when you click the "Buy Now" button.

Please note that this isn't a real-time operation. After you make your payment we'll get an email notifying us, and we'll then drop your Dinars into your TriadCity bank account. If you have more than one TC character, we'll email you first asking you which character(s) should receive the Dinars. We'll use the email address which you provided to PayPal.

Please do note that you'll always be able to play TC for free. You'll just have to continue accumulating game funds in the way you've been doing.

Happy spending. :-)

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