TriadCity Message of the Day

We're happy to announce that TriadCity's first Inns are online.

Inns are rentable rooms which allow you to stash your stuff in a safe place while you're off exploring, or even between visits to the City.

Our Inns have some important features which should be stressed. Here's an overview:

  • To learn what rooms, if any, are available for rent, and what they cost, use the 'List' command when you're in the same room as an Innkeeper.

  • To rent a room, use the 'Checkin' command. (Checkin is aliased to 'Rent', in case you find that easier.) Type "checkin <room number>", e.g., "checkin One" Note that the room number is case-sensitive. Your bank account will immediately be debited the first night's rent.

  • Once you've checked in, the door to your room can be opened only by you. This continues for as long as you're renting the room. There are no keys to fuss with: you're bioscanned. Technology to the rescue.

  • Anything you leave in the room is saved while you're elsewhere, including while you're logged-off. It's all safe between reboots.

  • The room continues to be yours until you explicitly checkout. To do that, use the 'Checkout' command.

  • Checkout time is midday. If you haven't checked out by then, the room is yours for another night and your bank account will be automatically debited. Thus the room is yours forever, so long as you have funds in the bank.

  • ANYTHING YOU LEAVE IN THE ROOM AFTER CHECKOUT IMMEDIATELY BECOMES THE PROPERTY OF THE ESTABLISHMENT. Always check your room carefully before you leave. No items will ever be returned to you if you leave them when you checkout. Be careful.

  • If your bank account is exhausted, you'll be EVICTED. That is, the room will be released for the next tenant, and all your stuff will be confiscated by the establishment. DON'T LET YOUR BANK ACCOUNT REACH ZERO.

  • When an Inn confiscates items left behind after eviction or checkout, it can auction them to the highest bidder. Over time this will increase the number of auctions, and will also cause auctions to happen when you're the only player online. Thus you can no longer assume who the auctioning player might be: it could be an Inn.

Per our usual methodology, this initial implementation will be enriched over time. In the near future we'll add features such as automatic email notification when a character's bank account is getting low; vacancy/no vacancy signs; detailed logging of everything confiscated by Innkeepers; and other goodies. Meanwhile, this is enough to getcha started.

E-mail if you have any questions.

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