TriadCity Message of the Day

The corporation which owns the datacenter where TriadCity was formerly housed decided to go out of the datacenter business last week without notifying us. As you no doubt noted this blew us off the air for several days while we scrambled to find new housing. Nice.

Thanks to our good friends at we're live again with a 'net. When next you bump into Phaedrus, please thank him: IRL he's one of the tenforward guys, and we appreciate their emergency help very much.

As of today, the Internet doesn't know our new address. It'll take as long as a week for it to propagate around the world. Will those of you in the back who can't hear this, please raise your hands? Many thanks.

Re our former corporate hosts. The company is Yipes!, which by coincidence is exactly what we said when we learned they'd pulled the plug on us without warning. Definitely not recommended.

Now that our computers are live again, we'll get an email message out shortly letting everyone know what's happened. Hopefully players will begin turning up again over the next few days.

Thanks for hanging in there with us!

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