TriadCity Message of the Day

The first portion of TriadCity's eventually-to-be banking infrastructure is now online.

What's different is that your "banked" Dinars are now stored centrally in a new abstraction representing a central banking system. Previously, they were more simply part of your character, like your intelligence or your clothes. In practice, you should see no differences at all. If you do, please Bug them immediately, 'cause something's broke!

Why is this a big deal? A couple of reasons.

First, it enables Inns, by making it possible for Innkeepers to charge you your ongoing rent when you're not logged in.

Second, it lays the groundwork for a far richer and more interesting set of banking accounts and practices which better reflect the competing world views of the three Thirds. These will one day include personal loans, business loans, mortgage loans, certificates of deposit, and other amenities, with interest rates and account access differing between the Thirds.

This second group of features is not the immediate purpose, however. Right now, we just want to enable Inns, so this had to be done. ;-)

Please let us know if anything strange happens!

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