TriadCity Message of the Day

Some minor auto-flags have been removed. You'll note that the options for "Auto Gold" and "Auto Loot" are now gone from your client interface.

The short version of the story is that these were holdovers from MUD tradition which, on reflection, didn't make super great sense in TC context. They're conveniences for environments in which killing characters is the principle way to find money, gain items, gain experience, etc. TC has a wider range of options; and so we've chosen to de-value violence a bit by removing these conveniences.

The somewhat longer version of the story is that in TC's complex and more-dynamic-than-usual violence system, these flags turn out to be rather cumbersome to implement in a reliable way. They were buggy, and, since they're not really key to the TC experience, we've chosen to bag them rather than fix them.

Wonder if anybody would have noticed that they're gone? LOL!

(Happy Tax Day, here in the U.S.)

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