TriadCity Message of the Day

The forest of Maboj Bot Ob is online. This is a patch of dying bramble and rotting willow trees lying under the City's eastern walls, in the NorthEast Third. This spot is rumored to be popular among ghosts, goblins, orcs, trolls, drow, and other Evil critters. You've been warned.

"Maboj bot ob" is Orcish (Tolkien) for "world of enemies", which may or may not say something about the point of view of the characters living there.

There's not a Metro stop nearby: you'll have to walk. Go to Virtual Vegas, then exit north onto Goblinhome Road. Follow GR all the way east, then take Eaststgate Road a couple of moves south. Maboj Bot Ob begins there.

Not surprisingly, there's nothing alive to eat or drink anywhere round abouts. So bring food and fill your canteen before setting out.

"Nar Mat Kordh-Ishi." --Do not die in bed

"Watch your caboose, Dix." --Star Trek First Contact

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