TriadCity Message of the Day

Ante up, Shriners, it's yore lucky day! The neon is hot, the slots are hotter, an' money money money is a-changin' hands!

Mah friends, what yew gotcherself on-line raght now is yore bran'-new, una-dul-ter-ated, guaranteed, regulation, regulated, high-return, Virtual Vegas slot machines, raght down here in the lobby at Virtual Vegas. Average return of 94.545 per-cent! If that don't beat all!

Now friends, don't you go an' think that didn't take no codin'! No siree! That there "CircleMUD" code they done started with jus' don't lend itself to the kinda "special pro-ce-dures" ol' Mark had in mind when he cooked up this hyear world. So yew know what that good ol' boy done? He done wrote a all-new "code base" in this hyear "Java pro-gram language", all nahce and "ob-ject o-ree-en-ted" jus' sos we could 'ventually have us fu-un stuff lahk these hyear awe-some slot machines. Shewt. Next I see that ol' boy I'll shake his hand.

Now, summa yew pardners maght never been down here to Virtual Vegas. Ah know that happens. But, don't fret none 'bout that. Jus' hop on over to Black Plaza, and mosey east a little spell, and here we are. Con-veeen-ee-ently located below the neon signs. Cain't missus! Y'all come on down now, hyear? Have yoreself a drank! Go home with some extra cash!. Make new friends! Cain't beat that! Shewt.

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