TriadCity Message of the Day

A major new code version is now online.

Changes center on the way Threads -- discrete chunks of the server program running in parallel, that is, at the same time -- interact.

The server has been massively analyzed over the last couple weeks, and quite a number of small changes implemented to prevent Threads from stepping on each other. We think this has eliminated a couple of bugs, and generally made things better.

We emphasize that we think so, because we don't have the ability, yet, to test these things really really well. We need a situation with lots of players, connecting via our friend the old unreliable Internet, to really stress things properly. So, that's what's happening now with the new code.

So, please let us know if things seem to work differently than before. Hopefully, the differences will be better! LOL! But, really only you can tell us what experiences you're having. So, please do!

Note that in the future we'll do a lot of automated testing with our new 'Bot infrastructure, when that's ready. The first 'Bots will likely be QA 'Bots, which will run around the World testing things and making notes and generally being good things. We'll let you know when we get there! :-)

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