TriadCity Message of the Day

Happy official BETA RELEASE day! Woo-hoo!

Up till today the TriadCity player base has been deliberately limited to invited guests only: for the most part, experienced game types who we hoped would be comfortable in a rough-and-ready early environment. Plus a couple of hapless newbies who wormed their way in through friendship, especially with Gary. (Joke, a joke, it's only a joke!) Today the invitation requirement is removed, and any member of the anonymous Internet public is welcome to join and play.

Everyone should note we expect to grow very, very slowly. We have no money for marketing, so early growth will be almost entirely via word of mouth, with some "guerilla marketing" thrown in for free. Hopefully this is a good thing, because it will give us and you, the experienced players, the chance to properly acculturate newbies.

What do we mean by "acculturate"? Well, we know that TC is a different MUD beastie than the usual hack-and-slash kinda thing. We want to create an atmosphere of collaboration, respect, politeness, community, and dare we say, friendship between TC participants. When game enthusiasts find us on the 'Net, it's possible some of them might be a little rough around the edges, collaboration-wise. We hope that you the experienced folks will take them under apprenticeship and teach them the TriadCity Way, if that makes sense. Slow growth will make this approach much easier.

Still, we really do want to grow! Here's a link with some suggestions re what you can do to help. Right now the best thing is to invite your friends! Please do!

Greetings to the new folks, and many, many thanks to you veterans for all your help through the alpha period!

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