TriadCity Message of the Day

Code which allows vastly enriched automata behaviors has been added over the last few days. If you're looking closely, you'll see two new kinds of interactions between automata and the game world:

1. Interactions involving multiple automata. World authors now have the ability to script arbitrarily complex scenarios including conversations, coordinated movements, and all sorts of other back-and-forth involving any number of participating automata.

2. Interactions involving multiple atomic actions. Automata can now perform indefinitely complex chains of actions as required, a capability which should provide heightened levels of realism to the game world.

Probably the most obvious short-term evidence of these new capabilities will be changes to the City's population and their activities from day to night. Right now, for example, the kite fliers fly their kites 'round the clock; the shops are all open 24 hours a day; and so on. Shortly, you'll see the shops closing at certain times; shopkeepers making bank deposits of the day's take; and automata generally behaving in ways which are more appropriate to daylight or nighttime conditions.

You'll also see complex automata such as the NorthWest Tour Guide begin to do their complex things. Hopefully the first version of the NorthWest Tour will be ready within a week. Film at eleven!

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