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Mini-Quests and Changing Dungeons-  XML
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TriadCity Character
Mark, you have a great code for doing something like this. What I was thinking would be to do set up a small grid, perhaps in the sewers for starters. Each time a player or group of players enter the dungeon is randomly switched around, new exits, new monsters, and new treasure. It would be smaller than say the powerplant and could include performing a task that the mini-quest giver offers. It might be too MUDish or even MMORPGish, but with your exit code its possible I'd hope. Any thoughts? I would assume that the dungeon would 30-40 rooms or so and would include a payout depending on difficulty that would be divided among those who enter as a group. That way, healers who assist could also share in the glory. Something a bit quicker than spending a week in the powerplant and would offer a group the chance to try something all in one sitting. I'm rambling now, thoughts anyone?
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