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TriadCity Character
FYI, I spiffed the following folks the following amounts today:

--> Furtive: 275 Dinars.

--> MuadDib: 250 Dinars.

--> Occam: 25 Dinars.

--> Selfea: 125 Dinars.

--> Vincent: 225 Dinars.

We've got a new bug-tracking utility in the works, which I hope to add to the web site in a day or two. This will let you see the reports; sort them by status; view the spiffs; search; and all that good stuff. There'll be something in the MOTD when it's ready.


Bartle quotiet: E80, A67, S47, K7. TriadCity characters: Mark, Poobah, Occam, Abelard.
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