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TriadCity Character
How is one to earn a living in this City? I see items that cost alot, but no where to make the money to buy them. I've tried gathering herbs, no one will buy them. I've tried gathering wood/sticks, no carpenters/stave-makers will have them, I've tried picking roses, but no flower shops in sight. Am I doing something wrong? Where is a POOR elven lass to make a living?
TriadCity Character
I very much agree.

I think Poobah does too.

There really are several balance problems like this one which all follow from the basic fact that several of you have advanced far faster than Poobah or I can keep up with you. IMO the world right now is ready for your first five or six levels, but after that it becomes very difficult to gain experience, earn money, learn skills, and basically grow.

So, the world needs to grow to its next "level" before it'll be able to support your growth in a fun and sustained way.

Here's what I mean by that. These are the things Poo and I are working on over the next while:

1. The subway. You need this to reach the Good and Evil Temples, required for step 2 below. The code is complete, Poobah's finishing the Green Line and it should be online in a day or two.

2. Conversion. You need this as a precondition of Good or Evil Roles. The code's in QA and looking good. Probably be online at the same time as the subway.

3. Roles. Necessary for the more advanced Skills. Initially will concentrate on a small number of Roles, adding more over time.

4. Advanced Skills. Quite a lot of these to support the early Roles.

5. The areas of the world necessary to contain all this stuff and make it interesting.

6. Inns and Inkeepers.

7. Citizenship of the Thirds, necessary for character-owned businesses and other stuff.

8. More ways to earn or find or steal money, including Roles that are focused on commerce, etc.

So this has been a roundabout and long-winded answer, but I hope it makes sense!


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