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TriadCity Character
Hello, I have a very major problem,
My character Agular was ready to go
to seventh level after killing spiders.

I went the wrong way, though I did not
know that and bam toddler spiders, I am
getting attacked, So I feld. Ok, I
should be safe, right. Nope, because the
direction I flee is random, I went into
more of the spiders.

I suggest that You make it so we can choose the
direction we flee, I would have went the other
way if I could, cause I knew it was safe, so
death occurred because of a poor system for flee.

Please fix this, Agular was trying to get to the king
for his seventh level. Now he is dead and gone.
TriadCity Character
I agree with the Flee To idea. It is the only way to save yourself among the stronger spiders. But I did see a sign reading BE AT LEVEL 10 BEFORE GOING IN....
TriadCity Character
Truly sorry to learn of Agular's death. We hardly knew him.

It's important though that Flee have a random result. Flee is an act of panic, blind desperation. If anything it should have even worse consequences, IMO, than it does now, for instance, automatically throwing one's weapon away. It's not intended to result in an orderly retreat.

There have been about a dozen player deaths the last three weeks or so. I think this might indicate that players are overreaching: trying to use violence to tackle opponents they're not ready for.

I understand peoples' impatience, 'cause it's really difficult right now to gain experience after about level 6. But I want to strongly encourage everybody to learn from these deaths that you have to be very, very careful.

In the future we'll probably want to tell lower-level characters that they should only fight in groups with a higher-level character who knows the Rescue command. This is likely to be the most "safe" way to fight things that will try to kill you. Even then, it won't be completely safe, it'll just be the best odds.

Meanwhile, my strongest encouragement is to stay away from the toddlers until level 10; don't attack anything unless you're at max health; and ideally, only fight in groups.

We should do something special for Agular, he's been one of TC's great friends. I'll huddle with the Gods and see if there are any reasonable ideas. Really sorry to learn of his death.


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TriadCity Character
Ok, I can see your point about the flee being random
and I agree, but it would be nice if there was a way to do an orderly retreat if nothing else.
I hadn't planned to even try to fight them things. I just wanted to get to the king and it looked like any other exit in the forrest.
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