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TriadCity Character
Would you please add the ability for us to use Emote, this would greatly improve our ability to roleplay.
TriadCity Character
Thanks Kaerue.

Up till now we've taken kindof a different approach to display of emotion, which you might call the "fine-grained commands" philosophy. So instead of a fairly generic Emote command, there are detailed commands for various emotions.

What complicates the philosophy a bit is our indecision about whether or when to build a "natural language parser" into the client applet. If we do this, it'll allow everyone to type plain English, e.g., "show me what's inside the darn bag", and the concept of Commands sort of goes away. We've kindof been holding back implementing the complete command vocabulary until we decide this directional issue.

So for now I'm gonna vote for punting on Emote or other new commands, that is for delaying a decision. But, that's just my personal 2 dinars, and I'm really glad to listen to what everyone else thinks.



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TriadCity Character
I like the idea of being able to use common English. It gets frustrating when I say "put apple in bag" and it tells me there is no "in bag" to put it in...arrrgh! I keep forgetting to leave out the in.... hehe So I'd work on getting that all straightened out, before thinking of adding other such commands as emote.
TriadCity Character
It is hard for me to get into character with the commands I have now. I like being able to show my own personal entrance to the room, or to add description to my actions. I've played quiet a few MUDs, and the best one I've seen Role-Play wise has been ProtoCulture II. Roleplaying was enforced, and a two-page background on your character was due before you could apply for any job((Which having a job was almost required)) Not that I am suggesting a two page background, it was that everyone stayed in character by being able to procide emotes that fit what they were trying to do. The generic emotes don't portrait what exactly I am always trying to show. Let me make sure we're discussing the same thing also. Here is an example,
[Typed] emote tips his hat in greeting as he passes by on his way north. [Displayed] Dante tips his hat in greeting as he makes his way north.

This just seems to let my do a better job staying in character and allows for a wider range of interaction between players. Just my two brains cells coming up with stupid ideas as usual.
TriadCity Character
Don't know if anyone else has been looking over these older posts, as I have, but here's what I think- Possibly, you could incorporate an Emote command into the 'Say' channel- it would display in the Chat window, and only folks in the room could see it. Or, make the option open to the 'Chat' and 'Say' channels- so instead of typing 'Say' you'd type 'say emote Sings a little song,' and what would display is 'Furtive sings a little song' in the 'Say' channel- and something similar for Chatting, so you could emote to all players. Either way, I think anything allowing further role-playing and customization of your experience and interaction would be a great plus.
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