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TriadCity Character
There seems to be a lot more eq available lately which will change your attributes: your strength, wisdom, intelligence, etc.

It's important to note that using these things intelligently means switching your gear from time to time to accomplish your purpose at that moment.

For example, while sleeping to regain energy, you want to maximize your constitution. Adding con points will really shorten the time it takes to regain energy and health. So before you sleep, remove your +dex eq, and wear your +con eq instead.

Just the opposite while fighting something. Constitution doesn't seem to matter much, but dexterity does. Wear your +dex stuff then.

While learning new skills, wear your +int stuff.

Leveling requires some personal strategy. You want your con higher, because your MaxEnergy and MaxHealth attributes will rise more. But you also want your int as high as possible, because it seems to directly impact how many practices you earn. More practices equals more skills. Either way, remove the +dex stuff and wear your +int and +con eq instead.

It's not clear yet what +charisma or +wisdom will gain you. If TC follows earlier MUD traditions, +charisma will help you become a leader, including enchanting mobiles; and might help you get better prices in the stores. Wisdom will probably be important for magic users, when magic is implemented.

Anyway the point is: pay attention to your attributes as you perform different tasks; and wear the right eq to boost the attributes that matter.

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