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pc probs trying to play  XML
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yvonne scobie

Joined: 2008.08.11 00:00:00
Messages: 1

i introduced my mum to game yet shes problems trying to play, she has internet explorer 8 when she tries log in only has tiny screen, i also had probs myself using windows explorer7 will not load but i am able to get in using firefox any suggestions to fix my mums probs? thanks for any advice
Zach Schuetz

Joined: 2006.03.05 00:00:00
Messages: 36

Tell your mum to get Firefox?
Not to be flippant, but I've found that although most folks are scared of changing, if you download and install it for them they do fine afterwards.
(Aside: I was helping my great-aunt with her computer, and I asked what she used for Internet access. she said IE, so I double-clicked the icon... and Firefox came up. Apparently one of her younger relatives had stealthily altered the shortcut path, and she was none the wiser...)

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