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Mark Phillips

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Hey all:

As you'll note from the MOTD, we've created a TriadCity page on MySpace.

This is total experiment, but we thought it might be a good way to help get the word out about the game. Also, it seems like a handy way to build a mailing list for anouncements. Anyway it just kinda seems like a cool experiment.

So please come on by the new page and say hello. If you've got your own MySpace page, send us a friend request. Send one to me, too! (but be sure to include a note mentioning TriadCity so I know what's up.)

The TC page:

The Mark page:

See you there!

Bartle quotiet: E80, A67, S47, K7. TriadCity characters: Mark, Poobah, Occam, Abelard.
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Lisa Chau

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I joined Myspace just so TC would have at least one female friend.

Where are all the TC girls? Catherine, Nina, Sammie?

Then I asked Moby to be my friend.

Chiensha, Moorea, Vicodin, Xanax, Zoloft.
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