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Russell Wustenberg

Joined: 2017.05.28 00:00:00
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I recently was looking back with fondness of my few forays into MUD playing and stumbled across Triadcity. Seemed like the kind of thing that deserved a trial phase. But nobody is on! It's just me (and the bots) and so much about the gameplay seems to be about playing with others!

I'll hopefully get a friend or two to log on at some point, but I guess for now... I just want to know if anyone else is out there! What times are you on? Are you a regular die-hard or are you just a stumbler-upon like me?

This project seems so worth the effort, but much harder to learn without the momentum of a community! Especially the energy depletion of.... walking. Uffda... I've slept so much in the first 15 minutes of being online tonight that I feel like the game is telling me to log and go to bed myself!
Lisa Chau

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Hi Russell, I'll look for you and try to pop on when I see you. Definitely a die-hard: I think I may have the oldest characters in TriadCity.

We can fix your need to rest with the right equipment and the right herbs. If you have the right tattoos you'll almost never need to rest - but they cost major game bucks.

You're right that it sure is quiet lately!

I'll see if the guys will send out a newsletter. There hasn't been one for a while and they usually bring a spike in visits.

Do bring your friends!


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Mark Phillips

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Hey Russell, I'll look for you as well. Hope to see you soon!

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