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Gary Smith

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It is hard to write TelGar's biography. For nearly two years, I was unable speak or walk, but by my second birthday I had overcome these handicaps. I was born into a poor family but well loved. My parents worked as unlanded farmers, getting a share of the crop in good years; nothing in poor years. At age 10, I was apprenticed to a famous magician, Ragnor. This was not unusual in large families, I was the seventh of thirteen children. Ragnor was a strict but not cruel instructor and he truly loved me, but I was lazy.

Ragnor often needed to leave the area leaving TelGar alone to "practice". I did practice some but I was so easily distracted at first by a pretty face then by smart women. I also learned that simple magic made me charming to many women.

Yes, I learned all of the basic things you would expect of any magician, but I did not progress in a satisfactory manor as expected by my adoptive father. Around my 30th birthday, I had a fight with my father. He stormed out on a mission to the north. After waiting for 10 years for him to return, I left on a search for Ragnor. Somehow, I got side tracked in Triad City. Here I met several interesting women, Gwen, Ylva and many others. I built a cabin on the lake, mostly for seclusion, but have been know to entertain guest now and then.

A few years of relatively soft life in TC, I decided to go search for Ragnor. Rumors abounded. He was dead. No he was not dead, but only vague clues to his whereabouts could be discovered. After nearly four years of fruitless search, I have returned to TC only to find that he was here recently looking for me. Now I plan to stay here in hopes that he will return soon.

I am an unrepentant practical joker.


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