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Mark Phillips

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Many thanks to all of you for your suggestions and insights!

An interesting TC tutorial concept emerged out of this discussion, plus a lot of in-game chats with several of you. It teaches the basics of entering commands, moving, looking, interacting with objects and characters, and getting help. It's pretty silly, and hopefully not too long.

I'll put a copy in the game world where it's accessible by non-newbies.

Maybe there can be different tutorials in future, if y'all have other ideas. Might be interesting to have three or four of them and see which ones newbies turn out to prefer.

Thanks again everybody, really appreciate your creative thinking!

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Lisa Chau

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Mark Phillips wrote:

I'll put a copy in the game world where it's accessible by non-newbies.


It seems to cover the most basic commands, and tell people not to get killed.

The characters are fun!

Cloud Cuckoo Land, a fictional city. Nice.

The tone seems a bit light. As a first time experience, is it telling people the right things?

I don't mean that to sound negative!

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