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TriadCity Character

Well hello there, viewer demographics! I'm happy to announce that I've whipped up a few TV shows you may enjoy.

Our main offerings are aimed at the biggest TV market in the City, the NorthEast.

On NorthEast TV One, don't miss the real men of Law Enforcement NE dealing out swift justice every day at Sassur, second hour of darkness, followed by Closing Numbers, where the obituaries come to life! After Closing Numbers, catch Greene's Anatomy, the medical drama that pulls no punches showing the complex challenges facing a modern healthcare professional.

And for the kiddies, check out LaFontaine's fables on NorthEast TV One every morning bright and early around Neron, second hour of light. Morals to live by! If you happen to have a Tv tuned to NW public access, you could try Aesop's Fables instead. Same timeslot, opposite morals!

For our fans down south, catch episodes 1 and 2 of Ghost Thumpers; Search for the Supernatural on the science network, every day at Netos (sunset). There might be a wait on further episodes while our hosts recover from some work-related stress!

Happy viewing! More to come soon.
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