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TriadCity Character
As noted in the MOTD yesterday, all 19 subway stations are in. But, only 8 of them have exits to the surface.

Please feel encouraged to ride around exploring to your heart's content. Please use the 'bug' command to tell me about any descriptions that are wrong: trains with the wrong names, typos, etc. And of course, if any of the trains take you to the wrong place! I tested it all extensively the last couple of days and I believe it's all fine...but let me know!

Lastly, I sort of feel they're a little fast. It's kindof, blink and you miss the train. Should we slow them down? Or is the speed ok this way?


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TriadCity Character
The speed is fine. I just got back from a trip to DC, the train gets you where you're going quickly and without fuss.
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