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TriadCity Character
I wanted to see if we could somehow help those poor people living in the slum there, and Mark was so kind that he offered to escort me as a bodyguard. (So sweet of him, don't you think?) And, indeed there is lots of need for food, and even water! Carrying water there in canteens and barrels is a really good thing to do, and they compensate your efforts with xp and dinars. Being cautious is very necessary though.

Many thieves seem to live there; someone stole a canteen from Mark, so watch out, because I think there are some men hiding so well that I had trouble seeing them at all. The area is like a maze, the alleys turning and spiraling around the dwellings and temples. Maybe one of our fine cartographers will soon make a map of it! Meanwhile, I strongly suggest to keep clear notes of your whereabouts while exploring the area.

But, Capitoline is worth exploring if you are skilled enough as there are very interesting things available: like some herbs I have never seen anywhere, just climbing there like vines. Also, some small shops, and even in an ordinary house you may find some good quality herbal tea (yes, we both tasted it and it was very nice, and useful too). Larariums, and especially the Lar of the family they contain, seem useful to me, but they aren't actually available, at least if there is someone at home... so be careful!

Most of the people living in Capitoline area seem to be happy to receive help in the form of food or drink. Children smiled so sweetly when I gave them some peaches, they must like them as much as I do! Unfortunately, there also seems to be quite a few people who use alcoholic beverages much more than they should, and we were quite shocked to see how quickly they gulped down some liquor Mark gave them as a token of our good will.

I would be happy to explore the area more in skilled company. I will not go there alone, and I don't suggest that to anyone else either. But, maybe we could together take some fresh water and fruits for those starving people?

TriadCity Character
I happen to believe that the Capitoline area is more like pest-infested-zone!

What i recommed is that we take our strongest Malopaths, and fierce warriors go there to exterminate this wicked pest problem...

i hate the slums........
TriadCity Character
I want to take a moment to add to this Lore about Capitoline. From what I have heard over the channels is that it's a more dangerous place than at first glance. Things have been stolen, but the perp was not seen or felt. Only after a long investigation the perp was located, though it was impossible to convince him to return it.

If you plan to take water to the people, keep in mind that when you get payed for the service the simple townsfolk are not going to give you a free pass. Meaning, they will take the dinar they just gave you to replenish their water supply. It is not that good deeds don't go unnoticed there, its just that they think you could do more. By giving them your lose change... The proactive little scamps.

I warn anyone who adventures in Capitoline;
nothing that you bring into the slums is going to be considered yours and yours alone. Its best to have a 'sharing' attitude when you venture through the area.

Think about it like a charity donation. You never really needed that ivory ring, right? ^_-
- Zensekai

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