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Police shackles: Not a toy.  XML
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TriadCity Character
I came across some police shackles earlier today. I had seen other shackles around the city, some of which had powerful good effects. So I decided to try these police shackles on to see what they would do. I am now immobilized at the Temple of the King, meaning that I can look around and talk, but can't do anything else. In particular, I can't remove the shackles (probably should have realized that police would use shackles that criminals can't simply remove themselves).


Anyway, don't play around with the police shackles if you see them. It is extremely frustrating to be stuck like this.
TriadCity Character
Ha ha Qiu. Did your mother never tell you curiosity killed the cat? Though if I am honest I was considering trying them out myself. Seems you saved me the bother and aggravation.
TriadCity Character
Qiu, you should be proud. Your noble spirit of adventure and sacrifice has saved who know how many others from your fate.

Three cheers!
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