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TriadCity Character
It's very important to keep your Learn Skill maximized, before trying to learn anything else.

I tested this when I gained my most recent level. At level 5, with Learn Skill of Master at level 5, I could learn Flee, Hit, etc., with no trouble. Then I reached level 6, and did *not* upgrade my Learn Skill. I couldn't learn a thing. At Level 7 I upgraded Learn to Master at level 7; after that I could learn Hit and Flee and etc. again with no problem.

Moral: maximize your Learn Skill all the time.

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TriadCity Character
I agree completely, but might you
know, perchance, where I could
learn the Learn Skill?
TriadCity Character
yes, that would be a helpful bit of knowledge
TriadCity Character
You can learn it in the white plaza Second level, from "Instructor." more info see
TriadCity Character
to be more exact when u go up stairs go west north east and you are there
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