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Mark Phillips

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Midgaard is our emulation of a middle-1990s stock DikuMUD - swords and armor, elves and orcs and dwarves, castles, monsters, inns that serve ale - retro heaven!

Our emulation runs on the highly stable, highly scalable TriadCity server platform, so, unlike the original, it doesn't crash and it can handle thousands of players - bring your friends. As a World within the broader SmartMonsters Universe, it's linked to TriadCity via portals there and back. You can reach Midgaard from within TriadCity through a portal in the Museum of Technology and Society in the Southern Third; and you can reach TriadCity from Midgaard through a portal in the Temple in Midgaard Town. Or you can play Midgaard as an entirely standalone game.

We've gotten it extremely close to the original, but there are surely details which can be tweaked. If you remember the good old days, tell us of any discrepancies you find - we'll fix 'em!

See the Midgaard home page for details.

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