Dungeon's support for blind and visually-impaired players

We work hard to make Dungeon welcoming to blind and visually impaired players. The web site is optimized for screen readers. Dungeon is accessible via traditional MUD clients such as TinTin++, Mudlet, or MUDRammer. There's a command-line alternative to every mouse or menu option available in the GUI. Here are some of the details:

MUD clients and screen readers

Many of our blind players connect to Dungeon with VipMud. But any standard MUD client should be fine. In addition to VipMud we test with TinTin++, Mudlet, and MUDRammer. Direct your secure client to: port 9295. Insecure connections are available on port 9294. Some information re settings for specific clients is here.

Commands for the visually impaired

Because Dungeon was written in the days before GUIs were widespread, we've essentially turned our standard GUI into a command-line emulator. No Dungeon commands require a GUI. While logged-in with a MUD client, messages displayed to GUI users as popup windows are instead written to the Game Channel.

Web site optimization

  • The SmartMonsters web site is HTML5 and implements WAI-ARIA Landmark Roles for screen reader optimization.
  • Our site markup is straightforward, doesn't rely on images, and implements sensible tab orders.
  • An account setting called "Blind-Friendly" replaces images throughout the web site with text equivalents, making the site 100% textual, 100% image-free.
  • We test with VoiceOver, NVDA, and ChromeVox.